• Lost In Translation

Lost In Translation

Lost in translation – when there simply is no “mot juste”…

On a recent Ryanair flight to Beauvais airport, Paris – there to spend an all-too-brief weekend with two of my offspring – I happened across an article in the in-flight magazine that caught my eager linguist’s eye. It was a

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  • Is Grammar a Goner?

Is Grammar a Goner?

Is Grammar a Goner?

When the cartoon to the left appeared on my Facebook page recently, I promptly shared it, as I suspected it would appeal to several friends who, like me, are fascinated by matters grammatical and orthographical.

Responses to the cartoon ranged from a teenager’s desperate “Oh gosh, please no”

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Building Language

The importance of building language on secure foundations.
Occasionally, my writing background sees me called upon to tutor Higher English pupils, and I have to confess to feeling ever so slightly nervous about the lack of grammatical knowledge demonstrated by many of these youngsters. It appears that during the early years

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Beware the dangling modifier

Inglourious Grammar

Putting the fun into pedantry.
As any pedant will tell you, grammar is a serious business – and, though it pains me to say so, often viewed by others as a very dull business. In fact, the very mention of the word has the power to send the most severe insomniac

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What’s This Blog About?

Are you good at what you do?
As a copywriter and journalist, I am regularly asked what makes a “good writer”. You’d think the answer would be blindingly obvious, wouldn’t you? However, it’s actually incredibly difficult to define what makes a writer “good”. Why? Well, the main reason is that each

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