How a professional copywriter, editor and proofreader can help you win business

Professional copywriters are passionate about words, because we recognise the immense power of words that are used in the right way. As we type away industriously at the copywriting coalface each day, our aim is always the same: to ensure that your documents send out a positive message about your products and services.

After all, if you don’t take the trouble to check that your website, brochure or email is free of errors, what about that car you’re selling? Does it have a faulty engine or brakes? If the instruction manual for your DVD player is badly written, will the device even work? If your menu is full of mistakes, does that mean you’re not too bothered about the quality of food you serve?

Spelling and grammar mistakes can cost you sales and damage your reputation

It’s that simple. That’s why it is so important that every document issued by your organisation reflects the strict attention to detail devoted to other elements of your business.

Material written by your in-house team might only require a quick check by a trained proofreader… but equally it might need comprehensively revised by an experienced editor.

Not sure which applies to your text? Just email us a sample of your report, presentation or sales brochure and we’ll send you a free assessment of how much work is still required. Alternatively, if you’d rather we wrote copy for you from scratch, our virtual pens are poised in anticipation of receiving your brief.

Make sure your organisation’s word power consistently packs a punch. Ring Karen on 07941 123294 or email us with details of your project.