Professional Proofreading

Does proofreading really matter?

Quite simply, yes. Your website and promotional materials contribute to the first impressions that a client or patron forms of your company or organisation.

Even if you are a highly competent writer, it is likely that a professional proofreader would pick up an occasional spelling error or missing word in your text. If writing is not your forte, there’s every chance that you might make an embarrassing error of syntax or grammar.

A few typos or the odd missing word in your website, instruction manual, report, scientific document or restaurant menu could be enough to plant a tiny seed of doubt in the reader’s mind about your team’s attention to detail in the office, factory, workshop, laboratory or kitchen. And that niggling seed of doubt could sprout into the deciding factor that leads a potential customer to place an order with a competitor.

Our proofreading services are reliable and affordable, covering a wide range of copy for web and print. The following are just a selection of the types of texts we deal with regularly:

  • Websites – from an individual web page to an entire site
  • Promotional and sales brochures, leaflets and flyers – from tourism to technology
  • Presentations – in Word, pdf or PowerPoint format
  • Learning materials – for reputable online learning providers
  • Novels and cookery books – for publishers and self-publishers
  • Annual reports – for private and public companies and organisations
  • Speeches, letters, job applications and CVs – for private individuals

To let you see for yourself how proofreading can contribute to those all-important first impressions, email us part of your text in Word document form and we’ll provide a free sample of a proofed extract (we’ll recommend which service is required, based on the standard of the original text).

Have you heard the one about the abdominal snowman?

If you think that computer spellcheckers are poised to make human proofreaders extinct, here’s some food for thought. The following are genuine mistakes that computer spellcheckers failed to spot, simply because the incorrect words all exist in the English language and are thus (in the computer’s “eyes”) not wrong:

  • Although mankind as traded for centuries (should have been “has traded”)
  • This is an expansive project (should have been “expensive”)
  • If you want to by a new car (should have been “buy”)
  • Book your parking at Manchester Airport (spellchecker recommended “you’re”)
  • Price spectre (a truly frightening price! – should have been “price spectrum…”)
  • The areas agricultural heritage (should have been “area’s”)
  • Barley covered (should have been “barely covered”)
  • Abdominal snowman (should have been “abominable snowman”)
  • Form Russian with love (should have been “From Russia…”)

Our clients are always immensely grateful when we spot (and correct!) a potentially embarrassing faux pas in their website or document.