Professional Editing

Does your copy lurk on the page or jump off it?

Editing goes one step further than simply correcting the occasional typo or odd grammatical gaffe within a text. It also involves rephrasing “clunky” sentences, identifying and removing redundancy, and ensuring that the style and terminology remain consistent from start to finish. Judicious editing can turn an averagely written, reasonably correct text into a piece of powerful and persuasive prose.

Given that the average attention span of today’s readers is said to be diminishing rapidly, your written copy needs to engage your target audience quickly. Words that shuffle around on the page looking a bit awkward and unsure of themselves are a big turn-off. Your words need to be smart, well ordered and calling out seductively, “Come and read us!”

As an expert in your field, you’ll no doubt know precisely what information you wish to convey to your readers. What you might be less sure of is how to spot a dangling modifier at fifty paces or identify an insidious comma splice…

That’s where a good editor comes in. All you need to do is write down what you want to say on (virtual!) paper and commission us to turn your text into fluent, correct copy that makes your readers want to read on.

To see for yourself how having your document, website or brochure edited will help make the right first impression, just email us part of your text in Word document format and we’ll send you a free sample of an edited extract. On the other hand, if we feel that your text merely requires proofreading we’ll let you know the good news!