Expert Translation Services

Professional translation by translation professionals

Having worked in the translation industry for over 20 years, latterly as quality control manager for a global online translation company, Euroword’s proprietor Karen Elwis understands the subtle nuances of meaning and style that mark out a truly great translation from a very good translation.

We’ve all seen examples of what happens when translation goes wrong. Learn from the mistakes of other companies (some of them big enough and old enough to know better…) and work with a professional translation company to ensure your publicity material or web copy is memorable for all the right reasons.

We will discuss your translation needs with you thoroughly before selecting translators who are familiar with your line of business and thus fluent in the requisite jargon and terminology, as well as being fluent in both source and target languages.

Mother-tongue translators – so you know it makes sense

Euroword works exclusively with qualified, experienced linguists, all of them translating into their mother tongue. That way you can be sure your copy says precisely what you want it to, whatever the language.

Another essential aspect to bear in mind when translating material for foreign markets is cultural differences. Ideally copy should be fully localised (adapted) for the target country to avoid causing unintentional offence or rendering your message meaningless to potential and existing clients.

Insightful localisation can be critical to the success of an international sales drive or export campaign, so if you’re going to have your website translated into other languages, work with professional linguists for peace of mind.